Monday, 5 August 2013

Berrytown, UK

For the past week or so I have been trekking back and forth Coventry in search of a new home. My 11-month contract has finished and I need to find my first post-university accommodation. It has been a bit disheartening to see the unimpressed looks on landlords' faces as they learned I do not have a job at the moment. I understand their viewpoint completely. Their skepticism is a bit hurtful though.

I trekked to nearly all the booked houses, because... I love walking. Simple as that. The fresh air calms my mind. I like being surrounded by greenery and birdsong.

The other day, on my way to Earlsdon, I noticed a beautiful, succulent blackberry hanging in front of me over a fence. After inspecting it for flaws I looked beyond the plant to find many, many blackberry shrubs colonising the unkept land! From all that chaos burst beautiful ripe blackberries.

I returned with my camera.

Just hanging in there.

Some still need time.

Others need care.

Who would have thought to look for berries here?

Can you spot them?


... but protected by thorns.

A beauty... with a friend! I wish I had noticed the insect on the leaf at the time. 
They would have made a lovely picture. 

Who would have known Coventry was Berrytown? And why is nobody eating them? I know I'm coming for seconds.

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