Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's Going Like Spaghetti Carbonara

A post at last! I've become fairly lazy the past couple of days when it comes to eating. Many of my housemates had gone home (I miss you already!) and left quite a substantial amount of food in the house. Therefore I ended up making the strangest food combos, many of them involving crispbread.
However, I soon had come to crave proper food and decided to make some spaghetti carbonara utilising left over eggs.

I know there are various ways of making carbonara. I used to make the amazing traditional version with bacon back before I became a vegetarian. It was an intensely caloric dish as well and made me feel fatter the very next day! Nevertheless, people change and I decided to try my first veggie carbonara. No recipe, just common sense cooking.

What do I need?

Whole wheat spaghetti ... I always buy whole wheat products (pasta, bread) for extra nutrients (Vitamin B 1-3) and the om nom taste. It's come so far that I don't actually like white bread anymore. I find it too sweet.

Eggs ... Thanks, Chris! They actually passed their expiration date 1 1/2 weeks ago, but I employed the ancient water test. And they seem fine!

There's less water in the second pic because Archimedes.

Mushrooms ... are an indispensable part of my pasta dishes as they go extremely well with cheese. I remember being fairly confused about mushrooms when I first arrived in the UK. They are all called... mushrooms! In the Czech Republic, many families engage in the traditional mushroom picking which requires knowledge of their individual names, forms, toxicity and place of growth. The term houby refers to the group itself, not a specific type. I've never been a big mushroom lover, but luckily it's fairly easy to identify Tesco's mushrooms as žampióny

Gorgonzola ... My usual choice for carbonara is good old cheddar as it blends well with sauce when heated. However, Ms. G does feature in one of the best cheese memories of my life: One Venetian evening in August 2012, I ordered gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. Mind was blown on that day, I tell ya. (Note to self: Must re-create soonish.) In hopes of experiencing the pure awesomeness once again, I picked gorgonzola to be my cheese base for today. 

Broccoli ... I was a die hard spinach fan for most of my veggie life, but I knew the day will come when I had to learn to accept broccoli into my life. I started slowly - boiling it and mixing it into sauces to the point where I cannot tell it is actually there. Like baby food. 
This is one of the recipes. 

Arugula ... I basically put arugula into everything I eat. I love its peppery taste, so unusual for a green. One week I tried substituting it with watercress, but nevermore. Watercress may have a nutritional advantage in many ways, but I shall remain an arugula woman. 

Garlic ... is one my favourite foods on this planet. The more, the better. I have yet to eat a dish with too much garlic in it. I actually think that relationships work on a garlic compatibility. What can be sexier than garlic breath (or a person who accepts you the way you are: with constant garlic breath)? 
Although Daria makes a fair point as well. 

Black olives ... Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Black olives. The Charlie's Angels of my food world. 

Um okay, this post is becoming worryingly intimate. This is the reason I need a blog. So I don't end up talking like this in front of people. 
Here are the instructions. 

Let's play "Spot the ingredient Kristina forgot to include in the pre-cooking pic" game. The first one to comment accurately wins... a cookie.

Spaghetti Carbonara

2 eggs
3 closed cup mushrooms
3 cloves of garlic
3 medium-sized broccoli florets
Whole wheat spaghetti
Black olives
Coconut oil
Hemp milk
Basil, nutmeg, white pepper, salt

1) Cook spaghetti. I usually boil the water in an electric kettle for time-saving purposes. I used to break the sticks in halves to fit them in the pot, but waiting for the lower half to soften and then pushing the rest inside is waaay more fun. And you get full-sized spaghetti.
Add a pinch of salt for taste.

2) Dice mushrooms and fry them up on coconut oil until soft. You can tell they are ready when you are able to cut them in half with a wooden (plastic) spoon. 

3) Cook broccoli. I recommend purchasing it frozen as the majority of the nutrients are not lost and you can store more for later!

Why do I keep seeing humanoid figures in my meals? Have I been watching too much Hannibal

4) Mash garlic. The garlic press is probably my second favourite kitchen appliance, right after the god-almighty blender of course! (How is there no hilarious blender-related Futurama pic anywhere on Google? I am disappointed. And inspired.)

5) Crack eggs into a bowl and mix with a fork. Cut the gorgonzola and boiled broccoli into small pieces. Add both into the bowl followed by mushrooms, mashed garlic, arugula (torn into small pieces) and spices. Dilute with a bit of hemp milk if you wish.

6) Rinse spaghetti under cold water to prevent stickiness.

7) Place spaghetti on the frying pan and pour the carbonara mixture on top. Mix well with wooden spoon under medium heat until sauce solidifies. 

8) Decorate with black olives for extra om nominess! :) 

Yummy meal, but the G-magic did not happen. I guess we'll always have Venice... 

Illustrative recipe TBC!